Interactive Courses

Professional Boundary Training

I created a training in professional boundaries for a not-for-profit called, Eagle Star Housing. Eagle Star Housing provides transitional housing and resources to homeless US Veterans. This training was created to help new residential housing managers set professional boundaries before they begin their new career.

My roles: Instructional Designer, Graphic Designer

Tools used: Articulate Storyline, Vyond, Audacity, Bitmoji

How to Run a Marathon

I worked with the Rochester Run Company to create a Rise 360 Course to help new runners plan for their first marathon.

My roles: Instructional Designer, Graphic Designer

Tools used: Rise 360, Canva

MagnifiU Courses

As an Instructional Design Course Specialist at MagnifiU, I worked with other writers, graphic designers, and UI/UX designers to deliver courses that would allow the learner to focus soft skills that are needed in both personal and professional development. Not only did I build the courses, but I contributed in writing learning objectives as well as interactions that would drive the purpose of the lessons. I am not the owner of these courses. Clicking the link will take you to an external website.

My role: Instructional Designer, E-learning developer

Tools Used: Rise 360, Articulate Storyline, Docebo

Vyond Scenarios

Case Scenario-720p-210824.mp4

Professional Boundaries

This Vyond Video was used as a case scenario example in a Storyline Training for professional boundaries.

My roles: Instructional Designer

Tools used: Vyond

Assertive Video Interaction

These scenarios were created to be embedded into a larger course on assertiveness in Articulate Rise. We wanted to provide actual scenarios that the learner might encounter.

My roles: e-Learning Developer, Voiceover Artist

Tools used: Vyond, H5P

Micro Learning Example

Social Media Microlearning Course

Marketing meets learning with this quick 7taps clickable course.This micro learning course is used to engage learners and encourages them to take our full course on creating professional social media accounts.

My roles: e-Learning Developer, Instructional Designer, Writer

Tools used: 7taps